You want to do a bike adventure – but you feel like you need some more focused training. You want to make the most of your available time and would like an individual approach that fits your schedule. You need someone to provide structure and accountability to keep your training on track, without breaking the bank.

You are in luck – I am also a cycling coach!

I’ve been coaching since 2014, and enjoy passing on my experience and helping athletes on their own cycling journey. My athletes are located around the world and train for all kinds of events, including:

  • cycling holidays (hello mountains!)
  • road races (including UCI Gran Fondo World Championships)
  • Gran Fondo and century rides
  • multi-day events
  • mountain bike races
  • epic events!

You’ll benefit from my comprehensive approach, including tips for active recovery and nutrition to support your workouts. This is backed by coaching qualifications including:

  • Cycling Australia Level 1 Coach
  • Training Peaks and WKO4 Power User
  • Nutrition Coach (Australian Institute of Fitness)

Most importantly, I have an analytical mind and I like to figure out how and why. I am continually developing my knowledge through reading, attending conferences, analysing data and talking to my athletes.

Tell me your goals, and I’ll provide the structure and motivation for training.

Check out my sister website: Fusion Cycle Coaching or contact me.