Simple Homemade Handlebar Luggage Mount

I had spent hours analysing specifications for handlebar bags and mounts, and come to the conclusion that most of them would be too big to fit on my bike. I’m one of those not-very-tall people with a small bike frame. With less than 9cm (7.5 inches) of space between my handlebars and the top of my front wheel, by the time I put a mount on I’m not going to fit much on it! So I had decided that handlebar mounting wouldn’t work.

However, after getting my seat bag (which of course is very compact due to the aforementioned not-very-tall syndrome), I figured out that I can fit my tent in my seat bag but not my tent poles. I needed somewhere long and straight to mount my tent poles, and I decided the best option was my handlebars.

While out riding one day, I came up with a design for a homemade handlebar mount, and having just assembled it I think it will work out great!

2017-11-12 17.45.52

The foam provides protection for your handlebars and is a spacer for cables and/or fingers for holding the handlebars.

Here are the parts needed:

  • 1 x dense foam roll with a hole through the middle – either a pool noodle or rollbar protection padding (4WD product)
  • 2 x straps – I used Voile straps
  • A kitchen knife to cut the foam

Cut two pieces off the end of the foam roll, approximately 1.5-2cm (just under 1 inch).

2017-11-12 17.10.14
This is the size I started with, but they got chopped in half. 

The size will depend on how much room you need between the handlebar and the thing you are mounting. After some trial and error, I ended up with about 1.5cm for my fingers to fit while on the tops of the (road) handlebars.

Feed one end of your strap through the hole in the foam. Loop the strap around the handlebar, then feed the end back through the hole in the foam.

Put whatever you are mounting in position and strap it into place. It is that easy!

2017-11-12 17.47.24

I’m looking forward to testing out my new mount on my commute to work tomorrow 🙂

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